What Are the Best Breast Pumps?

The Best Breast PumpsBreast milk pumps are one of the most used devices by moms, helping us save time and feed our babies with breast milk – even in those situations when we can’t breastfeed.

It is very important to give our babies breast milk since it provides the right nutrition our babies need and has far more benefits that even the most expensive formula milk brands on the market.

Here at BestBreastPumps.org we have gathered all the information about the best breast pumps on the market, so you can make a better, informed decision.

Why Use a Breast Pump?

Breast pumps are incredibly useful if you are currently working and can’t stay at home to breastfeed your baby or if for some other reason you can’t do it. These pumps come in various forms and prices.  The most expensive ones are electric breast pumps, which work automatically with the use of a motor; on the other side we have manual breast pumps, which require you to manually pump the milk.


Which Type of Breast Pump Is Right for Me?

You can find three basic types of breast pumps:

  • Electric breast pumps. Excellent for moms who need to pump milk several times throughout the day and are looking to build a stash of milk. With the help of “hands-free” bras you can take care of other things while the machine is pumping.
  • Manual breast pumps. Recommended for moms who need to express milk occasionally.  Their low price and portability can get you out of trouble when you need them the most.  Using these pumps several times throughout the day can be tiring for your hands though.
  • Hospital-grade breast pumps. The motor in these pumping units have been designed to work hard on a regular basis for use in hospitals.  These pumps can be used by different women, provided that each one of them has a personal collection kit. These pumps have a stronger but comfortable suction power.


TOP PICK #1: Medela Pump In Style


This is the best electric breast pump on the market for moms who need to pump milk several times throughout the day.

This BPA-free pump comes with everything you need to pump milk comfortably right out of the box: a double pump system, a removable PVC cooler bag, bottles for pumping and storing milk, rechargeable batteries, and –depending on the package of your choice – either a tote bag or a backpack.

This is a discreet breast pump that you can take anywhere, quiet and very comfortable.  Its 2-Phase Expression technology imitates the suction of the baby, and you can adjust the settings of the machine at any time.

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#2 Hygeia EnJoye LBI


This is another one of the best breast pump packages on the market.  This BPA/DEHP Free pump includes a close pumping system which prevents bacteria from traveling through the tubes to the motor.  Additionally, it is one of the few pumps that is certified by the FDA to be “shareable”, so you can share it with a sister for example – provided that you each have your personal accessory kit.

The pump comes with a tote bag a changing pad and a cooler to keep stored in good condition.  You can use it with batteries (its lithium ion battery lasts 4 hours at full charge) or plugged directly to electric current.

The pumping action is fully adjustable and designed to mimic the suction of a baby, and the motor is very quiet.  One of the coolest features of this pump is the ability to record your baby crying, so you can play it back later to stimulate milk let down.

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#3 The First Years MiPump


The miPump by The First Years, is a compact yet powerful breast pump. It has been designed keeping in mind women who may need to pump on-the-go, hence the smaller side compared to other brands. As a matter of fact, the motor fits the palm of the hand!

The miPump comes in double and single sizes and it is extremely easy to assemble and use. The cute design makes it perfect to bring anywhere discreetly and it even comes with a stylish tote bag.

The pumping action is very quiet and you can adjust the suction levels using its LED display. While away from home, you can operate it using AA batteries. This is one of the best options you have to pump milk away from home!

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#4 Ameda Purely Yours


Ameda Purely Yours is a double electric pump that will save you a lot of time and has a very affordable price compared to other alternatives.

It includes a silicone diaphragm prevents contamination and moisture entering the tubes, freeing you from the task of cleaning them. the Dual hygiene kit milk collection system allow you to get milk from both breasts at the same time.

This breast pump comes with a carrying case and cooler tote, but if you are just pumping milk at home you can buy it at a smaller price without those extras. If you want a good and inexpensive product, this has to be your choice.

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#5 Medela Swing


This is the most compact and lightest Medela pump, excellent to carry anywhere! It works with batteries or plugged and comes with Medela’s 2-Phase expression technology, so the action feels very comfortable. If you want a portable, easy-to-use pump for occasional use, this is a pretty strong alternative.

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Best Manual Breast Pump

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

lansinoh-manual-breast-pumpManual breast pumps are incredibly helpful for moms who only want to pump milk occasionally.  They require you to pump the milk with your hands, which can be exhausting if you are pumping milk every day, several times a day. They are very lightweight, portable and cheap, compared to electric pumps.

Lansinoh has designed the best manual breast pump on the market. It has nice suction power, lightweight material and it is very easy to use using just one hand.  But perhaps the most important feature of the pump is the ComfortSeal cushion, which seals the breast shield, helping achieve good suction levels.

Each Lansinoh breast pump comes with bottle rings, sealing discs, two standard size bottles, two extra valves, a cleaning brush and an extra silicone diaphragm.

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Best Breast Pump for Working Moms

medela-pump-in-styleWorking moms have to face different challenges than moms who stay at home. If you are a one of them, you know that finding time to breastfeed your baby can be a difficult task! Many women prefer to simply stop breastfeeding and start using formula on a daily basis, but is it the best alternative?

Doctors now agree that nothing can replace the milk produced by the mother. This milk brings benefits that other types of milk simply can’t.

Medela Pump in Style

Medela is the preferred breast pump brand among working moms. This advanced breast pump features a new type of pumping technology that mimics the way your baby sucks milk. This can help you get more milk in less time. Additionally, you can also adjust suction and cycle levels manually to what feels more comfortable for you. This is a double pump, so you can save time by using both pumps a the same time!

The Pump In Style is very quiet compared to other alternatives, you can take it anywhere with the tote bag included in the package.

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Best Breast Pump Under $200

ameda-purely-yoursThe Ameda Purely Yours remains as the best double electric breast pump you can find under $200. As a matter of fact, we think it can compete with other higher-priced products in the market.

It will help you keep your milk protected from the environment since milk goes directly into the container without the need of tubes, it’s portable and very comfortable to use, has long-lasting batteries (you can have 3-4 pumping sessions with one charge), and it is ready to work with any standard size bottle. A car charger is included too!

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Best Breast Pump Under $100


If you want good results with total comfort and at an excellent price, then this is what you are looking for. The Philips AVENT BPA Free helps you collect milk quickly thanks to electric memory technology. With this feature, the pump continues doing the job at the same strength, rhythm and speed as you were doing it. The one-touch memory control lets adjust all the settings with just one hand.

The electric vacuum of the Philips Avent pump mimics a baby’s suckling and the cushion gently massages your breast, making it perfect to use it on a daily basis. If you are looking for an affordable breast pump, this is a pretty good option.

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The Importance of Choosing BPA Free Bottles

Most manufacturers now include with pumps, bottles that are BPA-free.  But what does this mean?

Well, this means that they are completely free of bisphenol, a chemical that was used to harden polycarbonate and keep it from shattering, until it was discovered that it could cause adverse health effects.

Non-polycarbonate plastic bottles have become the common norm now to avoid potential problems, and they remain the safest way to store milk. These bottles are also sturdy and very hard to shatter!

Best Breast Pumps for Twins

best breast pump for twinsIf you have twins, then a double breast pump can be of great help to save some a lot of time. Even though it is still recommended mom give breast directly to their kids to spend more time with them, there are some cases where a pump can become invaluable, especially if you need to take care of other things.

#1 Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

#2 Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump


Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

hospital-grade-breast-pumpsHospital-grade pumps are the best alternative for moms who have trouble nursing during the first weeks of life of the baby. These pumps will help you build the right quantities of milk and is especially useful if your baby is premature or if he/she needs to be in the NICU.

These machines have a quick sucking cycle that is the same as the one produced by a nursing baby. Thanks to their double collection kits, you can pump both breasts simultaneously in an effective way, saving a lot of time.


Pump Completely Hands Free With a Breast Pump Bra!

The Perfect Accessory for Your Breast Pump

simple-wishes-breastpump-braHave you ever wished you could pump with your hands free to take care of other things until the bottles are full? Well, this is now possible thanks to the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra.

This is an adjustable bra that you can adapt to the changes in your body. It comes with a four way layering support system, maintains a tight seal and it is compatible with all brands of breast pumps available in the market, including the ones in this list!

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Here are a couple of customer reviews I have gathered:

“I consider this item in my CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT category. I don’t understand why this bra is not sold in every baby store, right next to the pump. I can’t believe how many weeks I spent pumping, bored out of my mind because I couldn’t move my mouse or type on my keyboard, hold a phone to my ear, frustrated because I couldn’t even scratch my face…this thing is a complete lifesaver. In fact, as I write this review, I am pumping! And now I never pump without it! And of all the pumping bras out there, this one is THE BEST.”

“I just discovered this hands free pumping device after the birth of my second child. I tried easy expressions, the pumping bra by la leche league, and made by moms pumping band with my first child. Don’t waste your time trying them even if you can find them at discounted prices. These products all offer assistance, but are not hands free. It truly is a hands free product.”


Breast Pumps Safety Tips

pump-safetyAlways use your own pump. The FDA warns against the use of second-hand products because milk can carry bacteria and viruses that can lead to infections on both the baby and the mother. An alternative would be to use a pump for multiple users, since they have a design that prevents milk from getting into the internal parts of the device.

Choose the right breast shield. The size of the shield will have a direct impact on the comfort of a product.

Clean milk residues in tubes. Every product comes with directions on how to do this, so be sure to follow all the needed steps.

Seal one side if you are only pumping one breast. This applies to double-breast pump users. This way, you’ll avoid losing suction strength.

Clean your pump if you are not going to use it. A bottle brush is your best friend to do this.


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