About Us

ºHello and thank you for visiting BestBreastPumps.org! My name is Muriel Orlandi, a happy mother of two kids and breastfeeding supporter. I created this site to help moms choose the best breast pump and answer to the most common questions regarding breastfeeding.

In here you’ll also find reviews of the top rated breast pumps in the market, so you can make an informed decision before investing in one.  As I do more research you’ll find here more reviews and tips to use a breast pump for maximum comfort.

I want to help women keep providing the benefits of breast milk to their babies, even if they can’t directly breastfeed for one reason or another.

I was in the same situation when I had my first girl.  I had to stop directly breastfeeding because my nipples were in bad condition.  It was heartbreaking, as you always expect to breastfeed your baby, so thanks the support of my family, I started using first manual breast pumps and then electric ones.  This has helped me in recovering and continue providing the benefits of mother’s milk to my children.

I hope this site helps you pick a good pump and answer all your questions regarding their use.

You can find out more about me at Muriel Orlandi Google +