Best Breast Pumps for Stay at Home Moms

stay-at-home-breast-pumpBreast pumps are not useful exclusively to busy moms. If you are staying at home with your baby most of the time, you can enjoy more freedom when it comes to breastfeeding. It means that you will be there to directly breastfeed your baby at all times.

But the vast majority of moms will have a day or days when they will need to be away from the baby for a few hours, so they will need to take care of the baby feeding needs.

Instead of resorting to formula milk, which can be expensive and is not as good, you can store milk to use later with the help of a breast pump.

Best Type of Breast Pump If You are Staying at Home

You may know that there are two types of pumps. Manual and electric ones, different in the way they express milk from your breasts.   Each one of them has its own pros and cons, but the recommended breast pumps for stay at home moms are manual ones.

Why do we recommend them?  They are easy to use, don’t take up much space, and buying one costs considerably less than option for an electric pump.

At $25-$40, they are much cheaper than electric pumps that cost in average $200. That’s why they are recommended for moms who need to express milk fast on a daily basis, which is the case of moms who need to return to work or school.

Manual Breast Pump Recommendations

The comfort level of a breast pump is something that varies from women to women.  Your breast’s size, shape, stress levels and other things can all play a role when deciding for a pump. However, there are brands that have years of experience manufacturing breast pumps and are found comfortable by millions of women around the World.

We recommend the following breast pumps because they are easy to use, have an effective pumping system and will let you express milk in less time.

lansinoh-manual-breast-pumpLansinoh Manual Breast Pump
This is a manual pump specially designed for moms who need to express milk occasionally.  It is very easy to use and also gentle on your hand thanks to the handle’s ergonomic design.

The main feature of this pump is the comfortSeal, breast shields that create a perfect vacuum around the breast so you can pump milk effectively. This is an excellent choice for pain-free and effective pumping.

Ameda One Hand Breast Pump
If you have seen other manual pumps, this one may look strange to you. That’s because it has an innovative design that lets you pump easily at home using just one hand. The handle lets you regulate easily the intensity of pumping, so you can find the sweet spot without hurting your breasts.

This pump is able to express milk directly to the bay bottle or to freezer bags for storage. And if you have two of these you can take care of both breasts at the same time!

medela-harmonyMedela Harmony Manual Breast Pump
This is one of the most popular manual pumps on the market. It includes SoftFit breast shields which massage your breasts while you are pumping milk at the same time, and is compatible with most standard bottles in the market!

It has a nice, rounded and ergonomic handle that makes the task of expressing milk a lot easier. It also swivels, giving you the freedom to position your hand in any way it feels most comfortable for you.

Are Manual Pumps Tiring on the Hand?

No – at least if you are using a good quality product. Many women think that using a manual pump is hard on the hand, and that they cause a lot of pain, but that’s just misinformation.

The best pumps are very easy to operate and maximize the strength you use when pumping, this means that you’ll make the most out of your manual action. The strength and speed you employ to manipulate the pump will in fact graduate the pumping suction intensity.

The only way one of these pumps can be tiring is if you are going to use it every single day at all times.  Although it is possible to express milk regularly with a manual pump, we advise against it because it can cause muscle fatigue, which will make your pumping sessions less and less effective.

Can I Still Opt for an Electric Breast Pump?

Yes of course, you can do it, but keep in mind that buying one can be expensive, and you could end up paying a lot of money for a device that will only use occasionally –  and to express just small amounts of milk.

There are cheap electric breast pump models out there, but its better to find and invest in a high-quality manual breast pump that you are certain will do the job. The problem with cheap electric pumps is that they tend to break easily, can cause pain or aren’t really effective at expressing breast milk. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than a pump breaking when you need it the most.

The freedom is yours of course, so if you are not very eager on pumping by hand you can invest in a good quality pump.

Additonal Pumping Tips for Moms Who Stay at Home

  • Plan ahead how many hours you will be away from home, and leave extra milk just in case.  It’s better to be prepared in those cases.
  • Don’t use a manual pump with excessive force.  The manual action should be firm and steady. Although you can vary speed and strength of suction it is always advisable not to go too far to pump milk quickly, it could end up hurting your breasts.
  • Mimic the way your baby naturally sucks milk from your breasts.  Start out with speed and once the milk has started to flow, use slower movements.
  • when buying a breast pump check that all parts that come in contact with the milk are DEHP and BPA free.

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