Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps 2013

Best Hospital Grade Breast PumpsOf all the types of breast pumps available in the market, hospital grade pumps are the most durable and the ones that provide the best strength of suction. Thanks to the pumping mechanism of these pumps you can improve levels of oxytocin and prolactin, which in turn stimulate the production of milk.

Hospital grade breast pumps are also meant to be used by different users safely, according to the FDA. This is possible thanks to the design of these devices which include a barrier that keeps away contamination. To be used this way though, each mom needs her own milk collection kit.

In general hospital grade pumps do a more effective job at expressing milk, with a better suction and comfort. This comes with a downside though: they are bigger and heavier and not really meant to be carried everywhere like single mom electric breast pumps.

When Should You Use a Hospital Grade Breast Pump?

These types of pumps will be most used by moms who need to pump regularly several times a day and those who need to increase their milk supply.

Doctors also recommend using hospital grade breast pumps to feed premature infants or infants with problems such a cleft palate. It is also an invaluable aid for moms who have twins or multiple babies.

They are also helpful in companies that provide moms an office lactation room.

Top Medical Grade Breast Pumps

Medela Symphony Plus Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Medela Symphony Plus

This is the most advanced breast pump developed my Medela.  The Symphony Plus reduces drastically the time you spend expressing milk. It includes Medela’s proprietary 2-Phase Expression, which varies the strength and rhythm of the pumping system to imitate the natural sucking rhythm of your baby.

It also includes a program card, which you use to save your pumping settings, so you can have everything auto-adjust in just a few moments. It works with direct current or with a rechargeable battery pack.

Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump

Ameda Elite Hospital Grade

The Elite is Ameda’s bet on hospital grade breast pumps, and is widely used by moms in hospitals across America. It includes a piston-driven motor that is controlled thanks to micro-processor technology. Each woman using the Elite needs a HygieniKit Milk Collection System which will allow them to pump safely, completely free of viruses and bacteria.

This breast pump is effective and very durable. The micro-chip technology helps you easily change the strength and speed settings of your pump.  The machine itself is not as big as other similar pumps, which makes it a more portable option.

Spectra Baby USA Dew 350 Advanced

Spectra Dew 350

I was really surprised when I first tested out the Spectra baby USA Dew 350 Advanced an effective and very portable hospital grade breast pump.  At just a fraction of the cost of the previous models, the 350 does a great job at expressing milk safely and comfortable with fully customizable options.

If you are a working mom and need to pump several times a day, you can buy one of these instead of renting a bigger machine.  The machine’s power really show its shine when you use it with a single breast shield, it loses a bit of suction power with the dual shield.

While I don’t think it is as good as a bigger hospital grade breast pump, the results come really close, and considering the price that’s saying a lot!

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