When to Breast Pump When Breastfeeding

Okay, so you are planning to buy a breast pump, or you may have already bought one! What’s next? You need to know when to use the breast pump when you are breastfeeding.  This, of course, varies from case to case, so here let me share with you at what moment it is better to start using the device.

After Breastfeeding to Empty Your Breasts

I recommend moms that if there’s still milk on the breast after they have finished breastfeeding, it is a good idea to express what’s left with a breast pump.  During the first days of your baby and later down the line it can help you reduce breast engorgement.

Breast engorgement is a serious issue, because if you have this problem for a prolonged amount of time, you can end up suffering from mastitis, a rather painful breast tissue inflammation!

In The Mornings and at Night to Build A Supply of Milk

Moms who need to go to work can take advantage of the mornings and nights to ensure the baby is well-fed while they are away from home.  You can feed your baby on one breast while pumping the other at night, just be sure that the pump you choose isn’t too noisy!

In the mornings I recommend using a breast pump bra which will help you express milk completely hands-free while you are getting ready for work. It’s a great way to save even more time!

After or Before Breastfeeding to Increase Milk Production

When the breasts are empty, your body receives a signal that makes them produce more milk.  Using a breast pump can help solve the problems of millions of women who complain of having a low supply of milk.

Another alternative is to use the breast pump before breastfeeding, so when your baby starts sucking the nipple, it sends a signal to the brain to stimulate milk production.  This is a rather drastic way of increasing your milk supply that seems to work for many moms out there.

If You Pump Milk Occasionally…

If you are a stay at home mom who needs to go out occasionally, then just make sure you pump your milk with enough time and plan ahead how much milk your baby will need, and try to express some more just in case.

Stay at home moms don’t need to necessarily get an electric breast pmp. a manual pump is good enough for the job and has a really affordable price.

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