Where to Buy Ameda Breast Pumps

Ameda is one of the most well-known breast pump brands out there, and in particular, the Ameda Purely yours has become one of the preferred models of electric breast pumps by moms who need to express milk regularly.

On the other hand, the company has also revolutionized the market of manual breast pumps with an innovative and award-winning design that helps you pump milk comfortably using one hand.

But where do you buy an Ameda breast pump?

If there isn’t a specialized store in your area, your best bet is to buy one online, and from what we’ve been seeing, Amazon has great discounts. Let’s take a look at them!

Ameda Purely Yours

This is a light, yet powerful double electric breast pumps that you can use at home or take it with you to express milk in a very short amount of time.  You can find it with or without a tote bag, so the choice depends on you and perhaps on your budget.

But what’s interesting is that Amazon is currently offering the Purely Yours with an incredible 34% discount AND is available for free shipping! So in the end, instead of paying $287 (for the model with tote-bag), you end up paying just $189.

If you prefer to have just the collection kit without the tote-bag,it costs you $225 BUT with Amazon’s 34% discount you end up paying just $148.97.

Ameda One Hand Breast Pump

By taking a look at ti you may doubt this is a good manual breast pump, but in fact it is one of the most effective and comfortable pumps we’ve tried!  The unique design allows you to express milk using just one hand, so if you buy two of these you can manually pump both of your breasts at the same time!

You can buy the Ameda one hand breast pump online, but this time Amazon doesn’t offer a discount, perhaps because manual pumps are already at an  affordable price! It costs $34.99.

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