Can a Breast Pump Bra Hold a Bottle Full of Milk?

spilled-milk-breastpumpBreast pump bras are of incredible help for busy moms who need to take care of other things while pumping.  Back when I was pumping on a daily basis, I started using one these bras to be able to get ready fro work in the morning while expressing milk.  This helped me enjoy more free time and at the same time build a milk stash on the freezer.

One of the main concerns moms have when using these pumps is if they are going to hold the bottle correctly once it is full.

Homemade vs Store-bought Breastpump Bras

There are two types of bras moms can use.  The first one are homemade bras, usually made by modifying a common bra.  Although this can be an affordable alternative, you need to ensure it provides good support and is able to hold a bottle once it is full.  The truth is that most of the times this doesn’t happen because common bras are not meant for that purpose. If you want it to be able to hold the bottle, you would need to add support on the bra’s cup or secure it by making a hole for the tubes.

On the other hand we have breast pump bras found on stores or online.  These bras, although slightly more expensive than common bras, have been especially designed for pumping and holding a pump bottle full of milk. You could even walk around your house with a portable pump while brushing your teeth or reviewing documents without worrying about the bottle falling to the ground.

Which Bra Can I Use to Breast Pump Safely?

simple-wishes-breastpump-braThere are different brands that manufacture special breast pump bras.  The one I’ve used and can recommend since I got zero problems with it is the Simple Wishes breast pump bra. This bra can hold two bottles of milk at the same time and  the design makes it very easy to use and comfortable for your back.

The bra comes in two main sizes, and from there you can adjust it to your specific size.  Very convenient when it comes to picking the right size!

What’s better, this bra can work with all the major breast pump brands in the market.  During that period I used both a Pump In Style and an Ameda breast pump and the shields fit nicely.

How to Make a Homemade Bra that Holds The Breast Pump Bottles in Place

If you have decided that you’ll make your own homemade breast pump bra, you need to ensure it provides a good support and is able to hold the bottles full of milk. These bottles can weigh more than you think, and the bra should keep the shield firmly against the breast at all times.

Homemade breast pumps are an affordable option for moms.  It isn’t complicated at all to make one of these and the only things you need to do it are a needle and some thread, just be sure to do it right and with patience. Follow these instructions and tell us what you think!

  1. First, grab a common bra that fits comfortably, not to snuggly. Remember that when breasts are full and milk starts to flow, they get bigger.
  2. Now make holes in the bra in the area of the nipples.The hole should be about 30 mm in diameter. you can use a 50 cent coin as a guideline.
  3. Use a needle and sew the rim of the small hole, making sure you lock each stitch while you are at it. Keep these stitches as close as each other as you can.  Taking your time here will make sure you don’t have problems later on.
  4. Finish one circle and repeat the same steps on the other side.
  5. Now you simply pass the breast pump tube through the hole and attach the breast shield.  You are ready to start pumping.

There you have. Be sure to do this when you have the time and can sew in a detailed fashion.  Believe me, there’s nothing worse than a bottle nearly full of milk hitting the ground.  Specially if you have carpeted floor!

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