Discount Medela Breast Pumps 2013

Medela breast pumps are usually on the high-side, when it comes to prices, and not many moms can afford to spend more than $300 in one of these devices, that otherwise would be incredibly helpful!

Luckily, online we can find huge discounts that considerably lower down the cost of buying a brand new Medela pump.  Here we will take a look at the discounts you can find online.

Medela Pump In Style Discount

Amazon is currently offering a whopping 29% discount on the Pump In Style, which lowers the price from $349.99 to $249.99.  This is great news, as the PIS is one of the best pumps out there for working moms or moms who don’t have enough time to properly breastfeed their babies throughout the day.

The Pump In Style includes all the accessories of the pumping system along with a black tote bag or backpack for easy and discreet transportation.

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

The Medela Freestyle is a lighter and more portable model of double electric breast pump, which is perfect if you are constantly on the go and can’t carry the heavier Pump In Style.  Amazon is also offering a discount on the Freestyle.

This 15% discount lowers the price of the pump from $379.99 to $322.99

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

If you are looking for a manual breast pump to help you express milk occasionally, the Harmony is a great choice.  Manual pumps are usually much cheaper than electric breast pumps. This one has a list price of $34.99, but Amazon is offering a 29% discount, so you end up paying $24.69.

The Medela Harmony is one of the best manual breast pumps in the market, however you won’t want to use it on a daily basis or to build a freezer stash of milk, because it can be tiring on your hands after prolonged use.

As you can see, there are great discounts to be found online on Medela breast pumps and accessories, plus you can also opt for free shipping, which lowers down the costs even more! If you know of other discounted Medela breast pumps, drop us a line!

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