Why Do You Need a Breast Pump?

why-use-breast-pumpBreast pumps have become one of the most helpful devices for moms, especially for those returning to work with not enough time to directly breastfeed their babies.  That’s not to say that stay at home moms won’t find them useful – they too need to express milk once in a  while on those days when they will be away from home!

If you are a new mom, you might not know what are the benefits of using a breast pump and in what situations their help can be invaluable. Don’t worry, in this article you will learn a little bit more about them, and will see how buying one can be an excellent investment.

They Help You Build a Stash of Milk

By pumping regularly, you could be building your own freezer stash of milk, which can be used while you are away from home.  We’ve already gave here some tips about how to build your stash, so you can head there to learn more about the topic.

In this aspect, electric breast pumps are the best option because they help express milk fast, regularly and without fatiguing your hand.

They Help You Reduce Breast Engorgement

Moms suffer from breast engorgement when the baby sucks less milk than what they are producing, especially during the first days.

In those case, to avoid any potential health problems it is advisable to pump out the excess milk.  In particular you should take care against mastitis, an inflammation of the mammary gland or breast tissue that appears when you suffer from engorgement during a prolonged amount of time.

They Help You Increase Milk

It has been proved that frequent double pumping can indeed help you increase your milk supply. By pumping the excess milk after breastfeeding you’ll also make sure your breasts continue producing milk as the body will receive the “signal” that they are empty.

Some moms prefer to express milk before breastfeeding, to stimulate the production of more milk, but that is not necessary except in special circumstances.

They Help You Take Care of Other Things (Work, Meetings, etc)

By pumping regularly and building a stash of milk, you will be able to get back to work or to study, without having to resort on expensive formula, which has less quality and benefits than breast milk.

I used a double electric breast pumps in the morning when I had to return to my job.  These types of pumps can save hours of your time. With the help of a breast pump bra you can even pump mil completely hands-free!

Stay at home moms will also need to be out of home form time to time  In those case cases a manual breast pump can help you express milk to have it stored for a few hours until you can get back home and continue breastfeeding your baby.

They Help Babies With Special Needs

There are cases when a baby can’t directly breastfeed, such in the case of babies with cleft palate.  A breast pump will help express milk so you can properly feed your baby.  I would say that in these cases a breast pump is a must-have aid!

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