Nuby’s Natural Touch Electric Breast Pump Review

nuby-natural-touchThe Nuby`s Natural Touch is a breast pump that comes with all the necessary items to start pumping right away and keep your pump clean and sterilized.  In this review we’ll take a look at its features and we’ll tell you where you can buy it at a discounted price. Let’s start with the features:

  • 10-piece breast pump kit
  • Designed for comfort and convenience
  • Pump can be set to a rhythm
  • Can be used with a battery or joined to a wall socket

More than a simple breast pump, the Nuby Natural Touch is a full breast pump kit, it includes a travel sterilizer, disposable breast pads, a breast pump stand, a 5oz Natural nurser, a flex silicone horn, travel cover, a silicone storage lid a manual breast pump handle and the electric motor.  I love that includes many items, so you don’t have to buy extra ones.

As you can see from the items included on the list, this pump can be used in manual or electric mode. Although this is an interesting feature, the truth is that most moms buy an electric pump to avoid the work of doing it manually, so I don’t see why sould you use the manual system.

In electric mode you can power up the motor using a wall socket or a battery pack (included also in the kit).I’ve used the batteries a couple of times and they do a great job, provided the battery is fully charged.  As the battery starts to lose power, so the motor starts losing suction power.

The motor does a good job right out of the box, but you can control settings to a more comfortable level if that’s what you want, and you can also set the rhythm you want the pump to work with.  These custom settings are what makes this pump comfortable to use.

Cleaning this pump is very easy, and they make it even easier by including a sterilizer and a box where you can keep the parts in good condition.  It’s not complicated at all to take apart, clean and then assemble again.

The breast shields worked well for me, but they are rather big so they might be a problem if you have small breasts.

I like this pump kit, but I had problems with the plastic valve.  It broke after some weeks of use, and by reading other comments on the Web, it seems this pump can break easier than others, so you need to handle it with care.  Nuby has a great customer service, and they are willing to replace faulty machines as soon as they can, but you still have to change the product…, which takes some days. Actually, as I write this I realize why they include a mnual pump!

The price is affordable, at around $100 this breast pump is similar to other ones in the same price range.


The Nuby’s Natural Touch Electric Breast Pump Kit comes with everything that you need to start pumping right away.  If you want to stop using a manual breast pump, this is an effective and affordable alternative, but you have to be careful with it to avoid breaking parts of the system.

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